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Campervan Guide - FAQs

Q. How easy is it to drive a campervan?
A. Campervans are very easy to drive. They all have power steering and are very easily maneuvered once you've adjusted to their size in relation to a saloon car.

Q. How many people can I take in a campervan?
A. It's usually a maximum of two-four people. All manufacturers specify the number of designated passenger seats for travelling? These will all have seat restraints fitted. Where belts are fitted they must be used by law.

Q. Do I need an international permit to drive abroad?
A. Usually holders of an international license (with photograph) are accepted in most European countries. While any person wanting to drive any campervan must provide their details before the vehicle is driven away.

Q. Can a campervan be driven on an ordinary car license.
A. Campervans up to 3.5 tonne can legally be driven on an ordinary car license.

Q. Are campervans suitable for disabled people?
A. Many wheelchair users and their carers find that campervan vehicles can be easily adapted for their needs. Ramps and lifts can be fitted and some other internal modifications can be carried out to adapt the vehicle.

Q. Is there any way we can try a campervan out before we buy?
A. Campervans are available to rent from us and we encourage 'try before you buy'.

Q. Do we need to connect up to an electricity supply for power?
A. To use any 240v appliances i.e. hair dryers etc. you will have to be plugged into the mains.

Q. Are campervans equipped to deal with cold weather?
A. Most manufacturers now "winterise" campervans to European Standards, making them suitable for year round use in the country of origin.

Q. Are campervans expensive to run?
A. Campervans offer excellent performance for their size and weight with diesel power for the majority of vehicles today, offering excellent fuel efficiency.

Q. How is effluent disposed of when not on site?
A. Most service areas have a facility for the disposal of all waste.

Q. Where can water be obtained to top up on board fresh water tank when not on site?
A. All service areas offer this facility and many friendly filling stations

Q. Do you provide drivers for hire to drive the motorhomes if required?
A. Yes! Drivers can be provided.

Q. What sort of battery power system does the campervan have and use?
A. Our campervans use dual battery 12v systems, lasting for up to 10 hours when fully charged, i.e. only recharge when driving or plugged into a power source, which will be shown when picking up the campervan on the day.

Q.Do the campers have gas?
A. Yes, gas is provided with the campers. Cooking, heating and fridge all run off gas when stationary.


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